Tenant Testimonials

"I would love for them to get a place through you, though, as you are such a great landlord!"
Sonali M.
"I'm sure people often must email only about complaints - so we wanted to just send a message and let you know that we're really happy with the repairs that Dean did on our porch. It had been sagging (maybe rotting wood?) and he fixed it perfectly without us even mentioning anything about it.Thanks to you and your staff for keeping the place up so nicely..."
Megan & Nate from Somerville
"I thank you and its a pleasure being your tenant for the last two years."
Riley M.
"Although I have never seen you, I have found you a wonderful understanding landlord, thanks for everything."
Ali from Somerville
"it's been a pleasure living in the unit, it was a great apartment and I would have stayed if I had not had to move out of Boston."
Luca G. from Somerville Ma
"My experience with your company, it was great!"
Annalisa I. from Somerville Ma
"First of all, let me tell you what a great landlord you have been"
Gene G. from Somerville Ma
"Thank you for everything over the past 2 years!"
Tom S. from Cambridge, MA
"Thanks for the quick reply. We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved living at 60 Atherton St., and if I ever make it back to the area will certainly be giving you a ring! You were a cool landlord and we wish you the best this year. Cheers!"
Sean B. from Somerville Ma
"Thanks. I've really loved living in this apartment. I will miss its character and the unforgettable view of the Boston skyline."
Marcy from Somerville Ma
"Thanks, you have been a great landlord and Dean has been wonderful!"
Barbara G. from Boston Ma
"Thanks, and while I’m writing to you I also wanted to mention that it’s been great having you as a landlord, we’ve all appreciated your quick turnaround on any and all issues/questions that have come up. Take care, and good luck with the new group of tenants."
Raymond B. from Somerville Ma